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We, Rus, born and raised in Ukraine, and Alla, born and raised in Russia, are the authors of the Our Home World project. We have lived in Washington state for the majority of our time in US (Rus – 20 years and Alla – 17) and for four years, 2011-2015, in the state of Hawaii.

Our Home World is a long-dreamt tour of the 50 US states which started out in May of 2015 as a 6-month journey but turned out to be a little longer. Halfway into our tour, we had a layover at Burning Man, which we told about in detail. We travel to explore and improve our own nature through the experiences we gain, places we visit and people we interact with. Click here to see the route of our trip.

Where “Our Home World” the name of our blog comes from:

After being on the road for a few months, we have discovered many things about long-term traveling and one of the most important factors is the feeling of being at home wherever we are.

We have traveled in the past, but this is our first time living on the road. As we spend more time in this lifestyle, we will be able to grasp and describe it better, but for now, all we can tell is that our understanding and feeling of what ‘home’ is has broadened. How our home is in coffee shops, gas stations, parking lots, streets of towns and cities, roads, and best of all, in nature: in the fields, on the banks of rivers, in forests and near mountains. We observe and soak it all in, which connects us with the world and people around us on a different and deeper level than ever before.

This is a new discovery for us. Sometimes we need a quiet office, so we go to the library. Sometimes, we want a meal in a dining room with a view, so we park somewhere in the wild just before the sunset. Sometimes, we want the crazy chaos of hyped-cheery-excited kids, so we head to a museum. And so on for any other occasion. This is one of the awesome facts about our home – the “rooms” always change.

So, from here comes the name for our blog – Our Home World. Come join us on this adventure, and let our story and photos inspire you to travel and to extend the walls of your current home.

If you need to contact us or wish to sign up for our mailing list, please use the form below. If we took a photo of you but did not publish it in our daily posts, please friend Alla on Facebook (so we can recognize your face), send us a note and we will send you your photo.


Our trip ended in 2018 and we are currently back in Hawaii living on and taking care of a coffee farm in Wood Valley, Ka’u, Big Island of Hawaii. We are planning to post occasional updates in this blog, so stay tuned.

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