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Winter in Alaska 5

The Anchorage downtown behind the airport named after the senator from Alaska, Ted Stevens.

Doubtfully refined, but certainly practical carrier of Dreamliner’s parts from all corners for the world to Seattle, Boeing Dreamlifter somehow turned up in Alaska.

Unlike the continental states with their endless freeways, Alaska receives and sends its mail predominantly by air.

Winter in Alaska 4

Alaska, even in January, confirms its photogenic reputation: no matter where you point your camera, you will find a decent picture.

Look up the mountains and forest – there is a picture for you:

Zoom in on the top of the spruce tree – also a picture:

Lower down your camera to the river – quite a picture:

Even gaze into the water and a picture looks back at you:

Happy New Year!

In Anchorage the 2016 is ending on a cheerful note – with the fresh snow and invigorating frost!

Ploughing with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

Finally we are celebrating this holiday with the right decorations. Happy New Year, our dear friends-followers!

Winter in Alaska 3

The students from the surrounding neighborhoods are heading to the University of Alaska through the Russian Jack park.

It’s lovely to see old trees in relatively new neighborhoods.

The old Ford’s winter hibernation.

Winter in Alaska 2

Alla with her interesting, indescribably aromatic and incredibly healthy hobby – essential oils.

Ruslan is trying to make a photograph for the holiday promotion in rainy Seattle.

The final result. We took the Christmas tree home with us.