Winter in Alaska 3

The students from the surrounding neighborhoods are heading to the University of Alaska through the Russian Jack park.

It’s lovely to see old trees in relatively new neighborhoods.

The old Ford’s winter hibernation.

Winter in Alaska 2

Alla with her interesting, indescribably aromatic and incredibly healthy hobby – essential oils.

Ruslan is trying to make a photograph for the holiday promotion in rainy Seattle.

The final result. We took the Christmas tree home with us.

Winter in Alaska 1

It seems that the snowy winter has finally come to Alaska. And now we can start getting out of the house more to explore the environs.

The Anchorage in December between the shores of the Cook Inlet and at the foot of the Chugach Mountains Range.

The frost has been holding up for almost two months now, but the ice in the inlet still runs around in all the chaotic directions.

The northern sun is completely out of hand: walks under the horizon during the day and then runs off to Australia.

Day 265

A pastorale in the valley of the Garnet Range, Montana.

The view from the hotel window in the ghost-town of Garnet, previously a noisy and busy town of gold miners.

The Swan Lake between the Mission and Swan Ranges from our drone’s point of view.

Toshik is waking up in Columbia Falls, Montana, the next morning after completing the fourth part of our Tour US. And gathering the strength for the fifth.

Day 264

The morning stretches in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado.

Black Canyon is beautiful!

A nostalgic for the older generation store of the seasoned automobiles.