Recess in Washington

The first part of our trip is over. We are resting and regrouping in a small town in southeast Washington. One month on the road has taught us some basics, specifically concerning unnecessary things. We serviced our car, did laundry, washed up well, got plenty of sleep and, of course, feasted to our heart’s content. Ain’t that what moms are for.

While mom is making piroshki, dad is relaxing to the accordionist’s clumsy passages.

There is a lot of beauty surrounding Walla Walla, as well as many different back roads that allow us to come close to this beauty.

You can watch the labor in the fields.

Enjoy some baby peas.

Drive up to secret places on some hard roads.

Stand still for a moment, giving way to memories from youth that rush through the mind.

And at sunset walk through the fields, running your hands over the tassels of wheat, like Gladiator.


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