Say, you wanted to live in silence and seclusion, far beyond the city, in the valley of wonderful mountains.

So, you bought a plot of land on the mountainside, brought the machinery up the winding serpentine and built a nice house.

With chic views from many windows.

With a spacious bright living room, with comfortable sofas and a cozy fireplace.

Hung a hammock from the ceiling and put up your artwork.

Furnished your dining room for family dinners and cheerful feasts.

Adjusted the kitchen to your liking to cook creatively and inspiringly.

And in all excitement painted the children’s bedroom into a bright color.

And all is well: you draw and read, and even play the harp.

You even took a great interest in crystals, finished courses and became a certified crystal resonance therapist.

And you have not betrayed the vinyl, kept it from the time of your youth. And in the evenings you listen to Beatles with those appetizing crackling sounds.

And, for the full happiness, you brought a dog into the company of two kitties. So that everything would be just outstandingly well.

And then – BAM! … You must go to Scotland, for a month, with the whole family. It’s been a long dream of such a holiday. But what about the house, the cats, and, most importantly, Polkan? Well, Caspian. A month is not a couple of days or a week, neighbors won’t do. Friends or relatives, also not comme il faut, not too many would want to travel a long distance every day for a month. It is necessary to feed, water and let the dog outside at least twice a day. And take it on a good walk on the mountain trail, so the boy grows strong and healthy, and most importantly, good!

Temper him in a thawed icy water.

Pet, love and play with him. Well, what would you do?

That’s what you should do. Go to the Craigslist and write in the search window – housesitter. And there we are, like: are you looking for us? We are right here! Go to Scotland, and we’ll do everything necessary: we’ll take care of the house, and we’ll take care of your pets.

We are still in the traveling mode, and we would love to use any opportunity to go somewhere, especially when it’s combined with work. If needed – we’ll paint the house and stay in it for the winter, if needed, we will fly to the Kodiak for two months.

If necessary – we’ll go into the mountains and hang out with Caspian.

And that’s that 😉

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