Summer in Alaska 7

I won’t say about the whole Alaska, but here, in the lake country, we have a real summer for the third day in the row. Not stuffy, as in Florida or Minnesota, and not red-hot, as in Arizona or Nevada, but north-like calm, restrained and even modest. But from that no less pleasant and desirable.

The locals poured out from the surrounding houses, cottages and huts each to their own lake, and there is a myriad of them. These guys attached the engine to the platform, pushed it out into the middle and now relaxing in all possible ways. And all who remained on the shore can hear their every word due to the perfect surface acoustics.

As if ripe, but still sour berries intensively process sunlight into sugar.

The ladybugs are also totally stoked about the sun.

And so is Kylee, the small animal with an easily memorable breed “cavalier-king-charles spaniel”.

If we could only get two more weeks like that, so we could drive through the key places, we would be able to say that we got a real taste of summer in Alaska.

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