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Day 91

Every traveler, who lives in a small car, dreams to wake up in a huge bed in Hyatt in downtown Chicago.

Tanya is exploring the best american downtown.

In Chicago, just like a month ago, it is still warm, beautiful and interesting.

Day 67

Ruslan is trying to fly our Phantomasik in the heart of Chicago (though unsuccessfully – the skyscrapers are blocking the satellites).

Riding around on the Chicago Metra system.

A nice rear side of a veteran skyscraper.

The metro selfie.

Day 65

Guests of the city are enjoying a bus tour around downtown Chicago welcome a sudden thunderstorm.

Street musicians, each in their section, create a special atmosphere.

The magnificent “Wind City” after the rain.

A Chicago bride.

Day 66

The view of a miniature evening Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Alla is preparing for her head scan in the CAD software for printing on 3D printer.

On the highest level technological selfie.

A busted fire hydrant, the aggressive glares of young loafers surrounding our car, and a homie in blue shorts, who just jumped on our car hood – Englewood – one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago.

Day 64

Chicago’s architectural eclecticism.

The tree arabs.

A security guard in one of many parks on Michigan Avenue in the financial district of Chicago.

Teenagers in the reflection of Cloud Gate sculpture in Millennium Park.