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Day 99

Season of wildfires in north-western states: the forests of Montana, Idaho and Washington are on fire.

The smog has descended heavily upon Spokane with some ashes and strong smell of burning.

All day the sun rays are struggling through the greyish-red shroud.

In the evening, after finally reaching fresh air at the entrance to Walla Walla, we watched the smoke-screen approaching from the northeast.

Day 98

Fosha with great pleasure rolling around wonderful roads of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Alla is watching the eruption of Giantess Geyser.

Concentrated typical reaction of a typical tourist to the eruption of Old Faithful Geyser.

Masking as snow bacteria-extremists that live in a boiling water – perhaps the best things that saw today.

Day 97

The aftermath of catastrophic fire in 1988 on the eastern side of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

In search of easy paths bison on Highway 14.

Glowing peaks of Teton Range in the windshield and Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in the speakers — not the worst way to spend the evening in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Day 96

Ruslan’s 96th day started on the hood of Ford in Carhenge, Nebraska.

Foshik, heading west, reached Badlands National Park in South Dakota.

In looks, Badlands aren’t actually that bad.

Heads in the clouds in Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota.

Day 95

Curious bulls on the Sand Hills prairies, Nebraska.

Gradually desolating village under the name of Mason in the backwoods of Middle West.

The rendezvous of a coal-train and airplane-train near the Alliance railroad junction, Nebraska.

Day 94

Its Pilejesty in masonic temple in Iowa capital Des Moines.

Alla’s laptop is being seen by a genius in an Apple ward.

Foshik is stretching its muscles in the fields of Iowa.

Previously railroad and currently bike-pedestrian bridge across the Des Moines river near the city of Madrid.

Week 7

The seventh week of our expedition began in Montana and ended in Minnesota.

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Day 91

Every traveler, who lives in a small car, dreams to wake up in a huge bed in Hyatt in downtown Chicago.

Tanya is exploring the best american downtown.

In Chicago, just like a month ago, it is still warm, beautiful and interesting.

Day 90

But then it’s not such a hackneyed view of Niagara Falls.

Exceptional in its spectacularity place.

We are seeing the Motor City again, but this time from the shore of the Canadian Windsor.

Border checkpoint between Canada and US in the backyard of the GM complex in Detroit, Michigan.

Day 89

The morning view from a window of the hotel we stayed at in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If we are staying in the hotel it means that Tanya is our guest. Or we are hers.

Downtown Toronto after summer downpour.

A swell variety of baked goods in a huge Russian store Yummy Market.