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Week 7

The seventh week of our expedition began in Montana and ended in Minnesota.

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Day 60

The overjoyed Alla is soaking up in a partially realized dream: finally, she is in Stockholm.

A mama cat is feeding her kitten in its natural habitat.

An evening on the Mississippi River, Wisconsin.

Day 59

Courteously offered by our old-time friends was this taxi, perfect for exploring the downtown of Minneapolis and its surroundings.

The diverse downtown.

And vibrant surroundings.

Days 57, 58

We, and Foshik along with us, are resting again (from what?) at Slavik and Olya’s house in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Abundant feasts and moderate drinking are part of our active and passive resting program.

Day 56

Evening stroll in the company of our long-time friends, Slavic and Olga, in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

To this day some of the most architecturally significant buildings in most small and large US towns are the temples of catholics, lutherans and of other religious organizations.

Clubs and bars are the only lively corners found in the night city.

Day 54

Fellow travelers on Hwy 2 near the city of Saginaw in Minnesota.

Footprints of history on the back side of the main street in Duluth, Minnesota.

Alla is trying on the typical northern-state-resident’s dream.

Day 53

One of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota.

Venus de Minnesota.

Free Wi-Fi at a laundromat in Bemidji.

As a matter of fact, life in Bemidji is not standing still.