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Day 265

A pastorale in the valley of the Garnet Range, Montana.

The view from the hotel window in the ghost-town of Garnet, previously a noisy and busy town of gold miners.

The Swan Lake between the Mission and Swan Ranges from our drone’s point of view.

Toshik is waking up in Columbia Falls, Montana, the next morning after completing the fourth part of our Tour US. And gathering the strength for the fifth.

Tour US Part 4. Day 194

Here we go again. Leaving a cozy house to get back on the road. After a lovely break in snowy Montana and relaxation in comfort (comfort is fridge, dishwasher, couch, shower and a wide bed).

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Winter in Montana 2

I grew up in Donbass (yes, the current war zone), where practically every year delivered to us four seasons, all just like in the natural history school book and the tale of “The Twelve Months”: spring starts with huge icicles in March, followed by a noisy-damp April, after which come the flowering white cherry trees of May; Summer starts with a cool June, leading into a warm July and hot August; September is balmy with the smell of smoke from burned leaves and the Indian summer; October – sad puddles and the first autumn frosts,; November – cold rains and the first attempts of snow; in December – a white surprise in the morning (that one single morning in the whole year when you want to go to school), in January – thaws and snowfalls, and in February – ferocious frosts, blizzards and giant ridge-roofed snowdrifts by the high-rise building walls. And in a little while the first spring streams start to purr under the friable march snow. And then all over again.

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Winter in Montana

For three weeks now we have been resting in this house…

…which is situated near the shore of the delightful Whitefish lake…

…which is situated near the small, cozy town of Whitefish, which is in the north-western (most beautiful) part of Montana.

Day 99

Season of wildfires in north-western states: the forests of Montana, Idaho and Washington are on fire.

The smog has descended heavily upon Spokane with some ashes and strong smell of burning.

All day the sun rays are struggling through the greyish-red shroud.

In the evening, after finally reaching fresh air at the entrance to Walla Walla, we watched the smoke-screen approaching from the northeast.

Week 7

The seventh week of our expedition began in Montana and ended in Minnesota.

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Day 50

Alla is capturing an idol head near the town of Moore in central Montana.

One of many thousands of farms in the eastern part of Montana.

Oil production on Hwy 68 in North Dakota.

Day 49

Fosha is all ready for the second part of our expedition.

Unlike Fosha, Alla is not. She is whiling the time away on the porch of a house, where a package with her brand new Fujifilm X-T10 camera is supposed to be delivered.

After only some 6 hours a package arrives, we can hit the road.

The full moon on Hwy 2 in Montana.

Recess in Montana

The second week of our recess is taking place in Montana in the town of Whitefish. Which is situated by the Whitefish River. In which the white fish are found. We are catching and eating eat, but the lake trout from the same river is a lot yummier.

Glacier National Park is about 20 miles northeast on Hwy 2. It is a definite must-see part of the program.

Floating on the Flathead River.

Rural rodeo. We came to this cowboy show for the first time, were very impressed, and want to see more. Will write a separate post about it.

This is how we live.

And this is how we fish.

Resting, while traveling.