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Day 195

We are sharing our first overnight car stay with Michael and Tanya, who joined our expedition for a couple of days. McCammon, Idaho.

Returned into our menu road sandwiches with ginger ale and mom’s homemade tomato juice.

Alla and Tanya in a three-leg down dog pose in Arches National Park, Utah.

Day 193

Driving on the famous I-80 highway through the windy Wyoming and cold Utah…

…through Idaho and its capital Boise…

…through passes and Oregon fogs…

…putting 37 visited states on the rear windshield and adding 42,300 kilometers to the odometer, Foshik once again arrived at the base in Walla Walla, WA, with it finishing the third part of our US expedition.

Day 99

Season of wildfires in north-western states: the forests of Montana, Idaho and Washington are on fire.

The smog has descended heavily upon Spokane with some ashes and strong smell of burning.

All day the sun rays are struggling through the greyish-red shroud.

In the evening, after finally reaching fresh air at the entrance to Walla Walla, we watched the smoke-screen approaching from the northeast.

Day 33

Alla is assessing the rafter’s skills on the Lochsa River rapids, Hwy 12, Idaho.

Beautiful vintage post office boxes in the town of Kamiah, Idaho.

The beginning of summer in the fields of southeastern side of Washington state.

Day 32

Ruslan, while awaiting breakfast, practicing his left hand techniques on the accordion Mussi by the Big Forest River in Idaho’s Sawtooth National Forest.

Alla heading towards the Golden Bug hot spring on the trail that starts near the 182nd mile marker on Hwy 93 in Idaho.

Alla has safely reached the hot spring and is now enjoying the view of the sunset from the hot bath.

Day 31

Bowfishing on Bear Lake, Idaho.

Ruslan is performing “Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord” in a mormon church in Paris, Idaho.

Our apartment with Castle Peak in the background on Hwy 75, before turning off the road for the night.