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Week 25.1. New York. Manhattan.

Life in the car has its pros and cons. The biggest pro: you can sleep anytime anywhere (under the one condition that your windows are well tinted, otherwise you can have issues with the police). The biggest con: you can’t sleep anywhere anytime. A common denominator here is a bathroom. It’s a pretty serious challenge for an auto-tourist to find a comfortable spot to spend the night that includes a possibility to satisfy one’s physical needs.

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Week 24. Rhode Island & Connecticut

We dedicated the 24th week to the Rhode Island and Connecticut states.

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Day 193

Driving on the famous I-80 highway through the windy Wyoming and cold Utah…

…through Idaho and its capital Boise…

…through passes and Oregon fogs…

…putting 37 visited states on the rear windshield and adding 42,300 kilometers to the odometer, Foshik once again arrived at the base in Walla Walla, WA, with it finishing the third part of our US expedition.

Day 191

We liked Denver also due to our imagination that drew leaves and flowers on the picture of the city which is now prepared for the winter.

Also, to add to Denver’s credit the splendid view of the Rocky Mountain.

The severe Wyoming greeted us with the frost, strong winds and icy roads.

Day 190

Nothing special, just the zebras and camel in the middle of Kansas.

Alla is lighting up the boxes from dynamite that were left by the miners in the salt mine 650 feet underground near Hutchinson, Kansas sixty years ago.

The stud of an unknown specie is expressing a reciprocal liking for Alla.

Day 189

Missouri’s super project: a 240-mile hiking-biking trail in place of the former railroad.

Fosha, confidently moving west, already arrived in Kansas City, obviously Missouri.

The largest city in the state of Kansas, Wichita, is unique in a way that it has the downtown neighborhoods but is lacking the downtown itself.

Day 188

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

We liked this city.

St. Louisans support France.

Day 187

The girl is congratulating her great grandpa, Robert Hambly, with his 91st Birthday and with receiving France’s highest honor – the French Legion of Honor, for fighting in France in the World War II. He is one of only a few men left that served in three major conflicts: World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The Sadam Hussein’s portrait-target with american seals’ autographs displayed in the General Patton Museum in Fort Knox.

Alla is admiring the underground beauty of the longest cave system known in the world – the Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.

Day 186

The end of the autumn in the smallest out of the largest state cities in the country, the capital of West Virginia, Charleston.

The horse in bottles on the barrel from bourbon.

Alla is breathing in the aromas of the oak barrel, in which over the years a real american bourbon was taking in the color and flavor.

Days 184, 185

We will memorize the capital of Virginia, Richmond, by the sign with a double meaning: “Our moms run the city”. The Anthem Richmond Marathon.

We will memorize the capital of the Navy forces by cranes and ships in dry-docks.

We will memorize the Shenandoah National Park by the loud dry up-to-our-knees autumn foliage and indicators to the legendary Appalachian trail.

We will memorize the Appalachian Mountains by the small villages with the gas station – store – post office – restaurant in one place.