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Week 24. Rhode Island & Connecticut

We dedicated the 24th week to the Rhode Island and Connecticut states.

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Day 167

We have to work on the road. The view from Alla’s office at the Pilot truck stop near the town of North Stonington, Connecticut.

Ruslan’s office at the library near the town of Westerly, Rhone Island.

Meanwhile the autumn is blazing in both of these states.

Day 165

It’s pretty in every random alley during autumn in New England.

The vulgar splendor of the 19th century american millionaires in the city of Newport in Rhode Island.

Day 164

The autumn in New England. We drove almost two thousand miles from Colorado to specifically see this.

The filming of a music video on the balcony of the Bank of America building in Providence, the capitol city of Rhode Island.

The clouds above the Providence confirm the falsity of a statement that there are no straight lines in nature.