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Day 264

The morning stretches in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado.

Black Canyon is beautiful!

A nostalgic for the older generation store of the seasoned automobiles.

Day 263

Alla is strolling through the ancient city of Native Americans Anasazi, known as the Cliff Palace in the Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.

49 decals of the explored states on our rear window stably attract attention of the curious public.

Tosha is excited to come back from the tiresome eastern plains to mountainous west, full of wonderful dodgy roads and delightful views.

Day 196

Tosha is acquainting himself with the expedition lifestyle in the wintery mountains of Colorado…

…discovering for himself new sceneries on Indian reservation of Apache tribe in New Mexico…

…and testing his abilities on a light off-road with a view of village┬áCuba and San Antonio Mountain on the way to the Mexico border.

Day 191

We liked Denver also due to our imagination that drew leaves and flowers on the picture of the city which is now prepared for the winter.

Also, to add to Denver’s credit the splendid view of the Rocky Mountain.

The severe Wyoming greeted us with the frost, strong winds and icy roads.

Day 150

Ruslan is striding towards the Emerald Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Fosha is taking a breath after ascending its record elevation of 11,796 feet.

Alla is trying to stay warm in the sunbeams by the Dream Lake at the elevation of 9,905 feet.

Day 149

Firefighters are entertaining kids in the city of Aspen, Colorado.

Descending the Independence Pass on Hwy 82.

Autumn wedding and blue-trunk birch trees in the historic town of Breckenridge, Colorado.