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Day 265

A pastorale in the valley of the Garnet Range, Montana.

The view from the hotel window in the ghost-town of Garnet, previously a noisy and busy town of gold miners.

The Swan Lake between the Mission and Swan Ranges from our drone’s point of view.

Toshik is waking up in Columbia Falls, Montana, the next morning after completing the fourth part of our Tour US. And gathering the strength for the fifth.

Day 264

The morning stretches in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado.

Black Canyon is beautiful!

A nostalgic for the older generation store of the seasoned automobiles.

Day 263

Alla is strolling through the ancient city of Native Americans Anasazi, known as the Cliff Palace in the Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.

49 decals of the explored states on our rear window stably attract attention of the curious public.

Tosha is excited to come back from the tiresome eastern plains to mountainous west, full of wonderful dodgy roads and delightful views.

Day 262

The festive colors of the streets and alleys of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Our “collection of Bostons” was joined yet by another city, this time the Mexican-Spanish version, the capital of New Mexico, the original adobe Santa Fe.

Alla is verifying the veracity of the name of the Echo Amphitheater on Highway 84 north of Santa Fe.

Day 261

The locals and tourists still leave their key chains, baseball caps, toys and marathon bibs on the fence around the memorial that honors the victims, survivors, rescuers, and all who were affected by the Oklahoma City bombing, which took the lives of 168 adults and kids.

Toshik, with all its extremities, touched the auto-moto shrine, the legendary Route 66, which in 1926 connected Chicago and Los Angeles.

A rare artifact in the form of a restaurant, remodeled from an auto shop, which remained since flourishing times of the Mother Road. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Day 259

A Taekwondo Competition in the capital of Arkansas, Little Rock.

The main thermal clinic of the country, National Park, Art Deco architectural reserve and Bill Clinton’s birthplace, all rolled into one, city of Hot Springs.

You can still come across the authentic semicentennial gas stations/stores on the remote highways in the untrodden forests of Arkansas.

Day 258

Alla, in the role of a main correspondent, is off to explore Memphis, Tennessee.

A cheery Memphian on a roller-stroll.

For the sixth time our expedition is crossing the Mississippi River, this time between the states of Tennessee and Arkansas.

Day 257

The expedition has made its way to Nashville, Tennessee. The city that has its own Parthenon.

In which live music comes out of each window of each building.

And on the streets of which it is nearly impossible to enjoy a walk due to never-ending street lights.

Day 252

Heat, stuffiness and hundred-per-cent humidity in Birmingham, Alabama.

Toshik has visited yet another half-dead-half-alive large city that still gives hope for revival.

The typical sceneries on the roads of southeastern states.

Day 251

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, has finally brought in city’s own bike rental.

The faces of bohemian Little Five Points in Atlanta.

A family on a stroll in downtown.

A delicious and interesting evening in a very hospitable home of our blog readers.