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Week 25.1. New York. Manhattan.

Life in the car has its pros and cons. The biggest pro: you can sleep anytime anywhere (under the one condition that your windows are well tinted, otherwise you can have issues with the police). The biggest con: you can’t sleep anywhere anytime. A common denominator here is a bathroom. It’s a pretty serious challenge for an auto-tourist to find a comfortable spot to spend the night that includes a possibility to satisfy one’s physical needs.

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Day 177

The whole Brighton Beach in three photos: the main street…

…the place for strolls…

…nationality, age, fashion, the face expression and spare time.

Day 176

The moorage of Jersey City that served its time. New Jersey.

The opposite side of Freedom.

Fishing with great scenery.

Day 171

The largest marathon in the world has swept through the streets of New York City.

In hopes for a freeload and using the international gesture, amigo expressed a wish to get money from us for this photograph. The insistent request has been declined because, “Currently you are not at work.”

The leader in our list of places, where we would never want to go back, has changed. It is no longer the Atlantic City, but the 911 Memorial.

Day 82

The Million Dollar Staircase at the New York State Capitol in Albany.

Scare photo: Ruslan couldn’t see himself in the mirror at the Empire State Plaza.

It had to happen sometime. Boasts like “I will catch this straight off with one hand” are punishable.

Meanwhile, Foshik is already in Vermont.

Day 81

Foshik safely arrived to Times Square in NYC and left right away to come back in September.

Day 80

Subway entrance in Brooklyn, NYC, NY.

Alla against a refined interior background of the New York subway.

An intense game of chess in Union Square.

Ruslan is choosing a wardrobe for himself for Burning Man at Halloween Adventures store on 4th Avenue.

Young and, in their own way, stylish wanderers in Manhattan.