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Week 25.1. New York. Manhattan.

Life in the car has its pros and cons. The biggest pro: you can sleep anytime anywhere (under the one condition that your windows are well tinted, otherwise you can have issues with the police). The biggest con: you can’t sleep anywhere anytime. A common denominator here is a bathroom. It’s a pretty serious challenge for an auto-tourist to find a comfortable spot to spend the night that includes a possibility to satisfy one’s physical needs.

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Day 176

The moorage of Jersey City that served its time. New Jersey.

The opposite side of Freedom.

Fishing with great scenery.

Day 77

Amusing shoes. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The youngest member of the Crowd Pleasers (literally: crowd pleasers) family team is making the first steps in photography with the help of Alla’s camera.

Gala cleaning.

90% humidity in the form of fog in the air at our last night’s lodging in the township of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Day 76

Alla is racing seagulls at the Atlantic Ocean shore.

Defective pixel or perfectionist’s nightmare at the Ballys Casino-Hotel in Atlantic City.

Typical voluntary victim of One Arm Bandit at the Caesars Casino.

To all who asked: we really do earn part of our living off of this blog – for publishing this photo we were given an advance – one huge cheese pizza slice.

At night time service entrances in Atlantic City could be more attractive than some downtown streets.