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Day 195

We are sharing our first overnight car stay with Michael and Tanya, who joined our expedition for a couple of days. McCammon, Idaho.

Returned into our menu road sandwiches with ginger ale and mom’s homemade tomato juice.

Alla and Tanya in a three-leg down dog pose in Arches National Park, Utah.

Day 193

Driving on the famous I-80 highway through the windy Wyoming and cold Utah…

…through Idaho and its capital Boise…

…through passes and Oregon fogs…

…putting 37 visited states on the rear windshield and adding 42,300 kilometers to the odometer, Foshik once again arrived at the base in Walla Walla, WA, with it finishing the third part of our US expedition.

Day 148

Alla is resting at the foot of the Delicate Arch at the Arches National Park in Utah.

Ruslan is taking a walk by the hill, where the brilliant green antiseptic was spilled by a giant who hurt his finger (something Alla would say).

Ruslan, sitting on one of those huge rocks, is taking a picture of Alla.

Meanwhile Alla, standing on one of those huge rocks, is taking a picture of Ruslan.

Day 147

Ruslan is observing the environs in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

Alla illustrates imperfections, and in this occurrence a complete failure, of the photographic camera in the matter of transference of the depth of space. Here Alla is standing on one side of the dried-up stream…

…and here on the opposite side, from which follows the conclusion: everything good needs to be seen with your own eyes. Especially if we are talking about the Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.

Week 4

The fourth week of our journey began in a decent hotel in Phoenix Arizona, where we were cordially invited to by our longtime German friend, Alex.

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Day 30

The relentlessly shallowing Great Salt Lake, Utah.

Alla and bisons on the Antelope Island, located near the Salt Lake City.

A mountain climber conquering the final stretch of a cliff at the northeast part of Utah, on Hwy 89 headed towards Bear Lake.

Day 29

Tanya, seated, as she put it, under the fig tree, is thinking about the purpose of the building in front of her, which is named The Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Salt-Lakeians are rooting for the women’s national soccer team at the Whiskey Street bar.

Tanya and Alla dispirited in the tram which is headed to the airport.