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Week 4

The fourth week of our journey began in a decent hotel in Phoenix Arizona, where we were cordially invited to by our longtime German friend, Alex.

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Day 34

Our Ford is again in safe hands of the master-mechanic, Volodya Kostenko.

The most simple, typical lunch at Ruslan’s mom’s house on a Wednesday afternoon.

Lyubov Ivanovna is browsing through RusichkŠ°-dearest-son’s blog.

Day 33

Alla is assessing the rafter’s skills on the Lochsa River rapids, Hwy 12, Idaho.

Beautiful vintage post office boxes in the town of Kamiah, Idaho.

The beginning of summer in the fields of southeastern side of Washington state.

Day 32

Ruslan, while awaiting breakfast, practicing his left hand techniques on the accordion Mussi by the Big Forest River in Idaho’s Sawtooth National Forest.

Alla heading towards the Golden Bug hot spring on the trail that starts near the 182nd mile marker on Hwy 93 in Idaho.

Alla has safely reached the hot spring and is now enjoying the view of the sunset from the hot bath.

Day 31

Bowfishing on Bear Lake, Idaho.

Ruslan is performing “Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord” in a mormon church in Paris, Idaho.

Our apartment with Castle Peak in the background on Hwy 75, before turning off the road for the night.

Day 30

The relentlessly shallowing Great Salt Lake, Utah.

Alla and bisons on the Antelope Island, located near the Salt Lake City.

A mountain climber conquering the final stretch of a cliff at the northeast part of Utah, on Hwy 89 headed towards Bear Lake.

Day 29

Tanya, seated, as she put it, under the fig tree, is thinking about the purpose of the building in front of her, which is named The Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Salt-Lakeians are rooting for the women’s national soccer team at the Whiskey Street bar.

Tanya and Alla dispirited in the tram which is headed to the airport.

Day 28

Ruslan is standing by some wallpaper near Lake Powell, Arizona.

Alla and Tanya are running into the heart of the Upper Antelope Canyon.

Abraham, a native American guide from Navajo tribe, demonstrates to a Japanese tourist how to take the best photos of the canyon.

The view from Arizona on the sunlit rain in Utah.

Day 27

Thermal power plant, named after one of the most populous Indian tribes of North America, the Navajo.

Alla and Ruslan are enjoying the view of Horseshoe Bend – the bend of the Colorado River near the town of Paige, Arizona.

Alla is entertaining Tanya with her accordion improvisations.

Day 26

Alpine Arizona plateau. Apparently, greenery here is shot with a blueish tint due to the high elevation.

Alla stepping over an abyss at the Grand Canyon.

Arizona’s trademark – the red cliff.