Tour US Part 4. Day 194

Here we go again. Leaving a cozy house to get back on the road. After a lovely break in snowy Montana and relaxation in comfort (comfort is fridge, dishwasher, couch, shower and a wide bed).

Our dear and loyal Foshik is no longer driving us around american roads.

Everything is alright with him, but he was missing something. Something to satisfy his whimsical owners’ caprices. To be exact, clearance and four-wheel drive. And these are absolutely necessary for our plans to visit some roads and off-roads. So, we had to say goodbye to Foshik.

Meet Toshik (on the right).

Aggregate is somewhat beat up, has seen a lot in his lifetime, but we fondled, washed, fixed, gave him a road trip look by putting the cargo box on top, visors on windows and stickers of visited states on the rear window and Tosha’s second life has begun.

We are hoping that it will be easier and more interesting that the pervious one.

Alright. Where are we going? Just to remind, from May through November of 2015 we have visited 37 states, including the home-state Hawaii, where we began our tour.

The tour consists of five parts. The first part, May – June 2015.

The second part (visited a part of Canada), June – August 2015.

The third part, including Burning Man, September – November 2015.

Now we are starting the fourth part — the most southern, warm and merry one, from May through July of 2016. Plus, a detailed expedition through the state of Washington in July – August.

And then, if we have any strength and Tosha has any might left in him, we are going to Alaska, August – ? 2016 – ?

Don’t go too far, call your friends and neighbors, we sure will have something to tell you 🙂

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