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Day 90

But then it’s not such a hackneyed view of Niagara Falls.

Exceptional in its spectacularity place.

We are seeing the Motor City again, but this time from the shore of the Canadian Windsor.

Border checkpoint between Canada and US in the backyard of the GM complex in Detroit, Michigan.

Day 89

The morning view from a window of the hotel we stayed at in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If we are staying in the hotel it means that Tanya is our guest. Or we are hers.

Downtown Toronto after summer downpour.

A swell variety of baked goods in a huge Russian store Yummy Market.

Day 87

Tanya is visiting us again.

Graffiti festival, Under Pressure, in Montreal, province Quebec.

A native of Odessa, Ukraine, Denys from Toronto, one of the winners in hip-hop dance competition.

Montreal attempted to take Chicago’s first place in our north american city rating chart. We agreed that this is a different weight class – “old city”, in which it is an absolute leader.

Days 85 and 86

We are having difficulties with internet in Canada.

We are driving for two days from Nova Scotia to Quebec.

For the most part the road lies through the forest. Boring drive.

But sometimes it gets very pretty.

Day 84

Foshik is bleeding oil at auto-clinic in Portland, Maine.

You see, Ruslan really wanted to visit Nova Scotia. 900 miles or 1470 kilometers, next to nothing.

The end of north-american earth: atlantic coast, city of Halifax, province Nova Scotia, Canada.

We liked it in Halifax.