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Day 90

But then it’s not such a hackneyed view of Niagara Falls.

Exceptional in its spectacularity place.

We are seeing the Motor City again, but this time from the shore of the Canadian Windsor.

Border checkpoint between Canada and US in the backyard of the GM complex in Detroit, Michigan.

Day 69

Alla and Nikita in the half-empty neighborhood that surrounds the long-dead Packard Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

The view of Canada across the Detroit river from the hall of the GM Renaissance Center skyscraper.

Piano duet.

Ruslan is playing in a huge sandpit in downtown Detroit.

Day 68

Papa with his two daughters are observing the aftermath of papa’s inattentiveness in the town of Belleville, Michigan.

Alla is capturing the successful crossing of a high-speed street by a low-speed reptile.

It didn’t occur to this proud Michigan turtle that we saved its life twice: once by not running over it, and a second time by protecting it from the tires of an oncoming truck.