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Day 63

A fragment of the petrol tank collection at the Harley Davidson-Museum, showing the color designs of different models produced by a legendary brand for over seventy years.

Hauler Joseph is introducing Alla to the specifics of the on-board computer inside his Kenworth truck cabin.

A squeaky-clean and happy Alla in the shower room of a Pilot truck stop; Hwy 94 between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Ruslan is dropping off post cards from the just-visited state to our parents and friends. On the border of Wisconsin and Illinois.

Day 62

An uncommon occurrence: the downtown of the small town of Monroe in Wisconsin is built around the town hall, following by an old european tradition.

Ruslan is by an enormous and the most intense pile of manure he has ever seen or smelled in his life.

The total 1,896kg weight of our car points to the fact that we are carrying around approximately 180kg weight of our belongings.

A power plant in Milwaukee, the biggest city in Wisconsin, near the spot where we are planning to spend the night.

Day 61

The typical hue of the swampy banks of the great Mississippi River.

Abuse of roundabouts, which are for some reason unpopular in the US, in the small town of Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin.

“Why not?” one day thought a man, and installed a chair of impressive size onto his front lawn.

Composition “Farmer’s Etude”. Field, corn, tractor. Year 2015.