Day 1

On may 15th, after welcoming 37th spring into my life, Alla and I set off on our big journey across the United States of America. From now and untill December of this year we are planning to visit 48 states and see some parts of Canada.

The trip began right by the doors of Downtown Seattle’s REI, where we shopped for a few missing road-camp items. In spite of horrible traffic, we drove through the heart of the city, where some time ago I lived for two amazing years.

Because our departure was delayed from the originally intended date, we will somewhat fast forward through Washington and Oregon, making the first notable stop at Redwood National Forest on the California border. That is where we will begin posting our complete daily and weekly trip updates (between the two of us we call this trip with the big word “expedition”, because besides pleasure and entertainment, we set some work goals).

Alrighty then (in Ace Ventura’s pronunciation), stock up on popcorn!

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