Dreams do come true. But not because they possess some sort of mystical powers that serve to bring them into being. Rather, it is because a dream is almost like an ordinary run-of-the-mill want, just on a much grander scale – a kind of nagging idea.

The important thing here is to want, or dream, correctly.

This means, first of all, that the dream needs to be fairly realistic and able to come true not just theoretically, but also in practice. And second, you not only need to ‘make the wish’, but also be sure not to let it slip into the back of your mind or allow it to be forgotten. On the contrary, let it constantly dangle and hang nearby, like a wind chime.

If we follow these two rules, then very possibly (and even somewhat unexpectedly for ourselves), we will see this dream come true. Because when we have a dream, we not only expect, but we also take certain actions in its direction, even if we don’t consciously acknowledge these as ‘The Steps to Fulfilling the Dream’.

Nearly since the very first day of my arrival in the USA, I have dreamed of a big trip across this country. In the 19 years since, I’ve driven all over the west coast and lived in the state of Hawaii for four years, but the rest of the country stayed foreign to me. That is, until the spring of 2014, when there was an objective set: to start preparing for a trip, the purpose of which would be to visit the remaining states and to see all the interest-sparking cities, sites, parks and National preserves of the country. Thus, starting on May 15th of the 2015, my long-time dream has begun turning into a reality.

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