Day 6

Starbucks is gradually becoming our second home.

We are having a day off. This means that we are not driving anywhere, but instead are taking care of our personal things. I, for example, took a shower in the Starbucks sink this morning, had breakfast there, then signed and mailed some postcards, and afterwards worked with photos that accumulated over the week. And since I’m still in the process of mastering the editing-sorting-organizing routine, finishing the first weekly post has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

Alla’s day, however, began a little more interestingly. By the front doors of Office Depot she came across some cheerful medics inviting the passerby’s to take a quick training course in CPR. But, it turns out not everyone wants to spend 30 seconds gaining such a useful skill.

One young lady defended her rejection by telling them that she is leaving to Texas right this minute. Another married couple was a bit dubious at first, but then the husband quickly thought to himself “well, what if?” and kneeled down. The wife didn’t think it would ever be necessary to save her husband’s life and went into the store. At this, her spouse exchanged a quick glance with Alla and chuckled awkwardly. But the medics laughed quite openly, remembering all the other silly excuses that they have heard over the course of their careers as human life rescue instructors.

Now I have nothing to fear.

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