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Day 136

Due to the hot year grapes in California were harvested three weeks early.

Alla is pleased, because her long-time dream came true – to visit Napa Valley, the mecca of American winemaking.

Ruslan is pleased, because he helped with realizing Alla’s dream.

Day 135

A Russian girl in the Holy Virgin Cathedral in Little Russia, San Francisco.

Archpriest Petr Perekrestov is recording into the list of newly inchurched babies those baptized that day.

The famous cable car is climbing the highest point of the Russian Hill district.

Tourist coming down the Lombard Street, a street with 27% natural grade, located in the Russian Hill district of San Francisco.

Day 134

Ira and Mila are playing submarine. San Jose, Silicon Valley, California.

20th Century Cafe Kitchen staff in Haight-Ashbury, the historic hippie district of San Francisco.

A loyal friend of a wanderer in the hippie and hobos’ adobe in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.

Elderly Chinese women, selling produce on the central street of San Francisco, are modestly hiding their faces from the camera. I doubt it has anything to do with the fact that they got it from The Salvation Army, that helps immigrants, poor and homeless in need.

Day 119

One of the most beautiful lakes in America – Lake Tahoe, with water so clear that from pier you can easily see the lakebed.

To one of the most insensate states the most wooded capitol. Carson City, Nevada.

Alla is deeply satisfied with the purchase of a new helper – light, thin, slim and fast MacBook.

Week 3

From chilly California to hot and dry and simultaneously cold and very humid Arizona. The third week of our trip – in summary.

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Day 23

Future steaks, burgers, cutlets and sausages in their natural habitat near the city of Calipatria, California.

A black rider on a red steed wishes us peace and love, riding east on Hwy 10 in the direction of Arizona.

Ruslan is emptying sand out of his shoe at the Algodones Sand Dunes in southern California.

Day 22

A 34-year old gorilla Jessica snacking and simultaneously feeding her 6-month son at the San Diego Zoo.

A Catholic chapel for the amigos leaving their homeland on the border of US and Mexico near the town of Jacumba, California.

Alla soaking in the view at one of our overnight stops in the Sonora Desert, southeastern California.

Day 21

A holding cell for out-of-line sailors on the USS Midway aircraft carrier.

The view of San Diego from the upper deck of USS Midway aircraft carrier.

A worn-out skater dozing off at a Starbucks in San Diego.

Day 20

Car selfie on California Hwy 101.

Mastering the art of balance on a beach in Santa Barbara.

Sitting comfortably at the Village Cafe, Ruslan is putting together the report of our second week in the expedition.

The view of the San Diego oceanfront through the USS Dolphin submarine periscope.

Week 2

Our post about the second week turned out to be longer with more details and information than what is considered to be the norm if you will, so please be mindful of this as you get on board of the band wagon.

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