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Burning Man 2015. Part 7 – Temple and Departure

Out of all the art-installations on the playa, the Temple is the most captivating. You see, it’s not only a work of art, but also a sacred place.

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Burning Man 2015. Part 6 – Burners

Everything is great about Burning Man: location, organization, art, music and even dust. But the best that it has are the participants, burners, the residents of the wonderful and unique Black Rock City. It’s its people – the most valuable resource of the event.

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Burning Man 2015. Part 5 – Dust and Man

Not once we asked ourselves: where else would it be possible to organize Burning Man, where it would just as interesting, but not as extremely dry, hot and windy? On a long and wide Hawaiian beach Waimanalo by the edge of the blue ocean? Or somewhere in the mountains of the Olympic National Park in Washington around the dark limpid lake? Or, maybe, the ideal place would be the most beautiful California Redwood Forest with its moss-grown gigantic sequoias and foaming rivers? Maybe.

But you see, all those picturesque, magnificent places lose to Nevada desert in one major point: there is no dust.

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Day 146

Alla is cutting a watermelon with an inconveniently small knife at the Zion National Park in Utah.

An ordinary view on a highway that runs across one of the five tremendous parks of Utah.

Promenading our flying friend Phantomas at the sunset on our way to the Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

Day 145

Fosha itself can’t believe that these are the real sunset colors of Red Rock Canyon, which is a fifteen minute drive away from Las Vegas.

A huge spider casually crossed the road and went off to its daily affairs.

Young rock climbers (looked like seven-eight year-olds) are making their way down in Red Rock National Conservation Area, Nevada.

Day 144

Alla is trying on some beads in Freemont Street Experience mall in Las Vegas downtown.

Foshik is finding out from its own experience that typically dry and hot Las Vegas is not very well prepared for heavy showers.

A Fishing with live bait at a frozen margaritas bar.

Burning Man 2015. Part 4 – City set up

In our last visits to this wonderful city, I somehow never thought to find out even the basics of how it appears in the desert, where it disappears to afterwards, and how much it all costs. And who has to pay for it.

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