Burning Man 2015. Part 6 – Burners

Everything is great about Burning Man: location, organization, art, music and even dust. But the best that it has are the participants, burners, the residents of the wonderful and unique Black Rock City. It’s its people – the most valuable resource of the event.

2. Sometimes, most likely mistakenly, it seems to me that every year only the best, well-mannered, most kind, interesting, free and civilized representatives of the human race gather on the playa.

3. In reality we are all average people, with our own kinks and bugs. But when we are submerged into the atmosphere of kindness and love we try harder to be even more kind and loving.

4. It’s amazing how easy it is to equate everyone by taking away the familiar signs of distinction. Just like in the coop, where the comb is tied on pert cocks, and glued on to shy and cowardly ones, to change their social status, same way for us – an atmosphere free of money, careers and competition allows us to be who we are inside, not outside.

5. Just nice and joyful people.

6. On Saturday the time has come for us to give to others. After finishing breakfast accompanied by an AutoReview magazine, we are headed to the playa, to the most quite, remote part of it.

7. Four months through twenty-four states I carried with me an accordion that was bought right before the trip, so I could practice before Burning Man. The last time I tried to play my older brother’s instrument was in the far childhood. Americans are waltzing to the Waves of Amur.

8. Meanwhile the rest of our group is pouring white and red to burners who are drawn near by the unusual sounds.

9. Gradually the crowd becomes bigger. It is doctor-spaniard’s birthday today. We sang Happy Birthday in two languages and sent him off into a dance to Besame Mucho.

10. The “Sleep, My Joy, Sleep” Mozart’s lullaby was immediately performed to the ladies who lied down for a nap.

11. Meanwhile our Hercules was a success with women.

12. After all the wine, bourbon and other gifts in the form of natural energy beverages ran out, we can dance as well.

13. In the crowd I notice approving nods to Alla Pugacheva’s song. Our people. We make an acquaintance and already sing a requested song.

14. Americans like to listed, but they also want to sing. We give the tune to Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

15. The crowd is singing at the top of their lungs, dancing and having a blast.

16. These guys liked it, “Cool, dude! This IS Burning Man: when you randomly run into singing with a bunch of people and to such a unique instrument!”

17. Indeed, accordion in America is a rather rare thing. We had enough of playing, singing, dancing, but still don’t want it to end. By this time a pretty decent audience gathered around us: people see a crowd from afar and decide to come close themselves to see what’s going on here. To summarize, the party was a success!

18. We may with a quite conscience move on. I rode to the temple to play there for a little bit.

19. The models went on to attend to their model affairs.

20. By the way, on Saturday professional photographers come out to the playa with their own models and start mass photo sessions. The walking by burners join the pros, but producers shoo them off. Near by other burners are sleeping, being totally under their feet.

21. Seasoned photographers tape and pack their equipment in its most vulnerable places.

22. We also taped one of our cameras, but the other one, dust-resistant, left as is. The camera is totally fine, but the lens is full of dust. Good thing that before this Amazon agreed to exchange the camera due to other issues with it.

23. There is no need to tell anything about the next few photos, only to see.













36. One more devotee.


38. In this guy’s hands a device for 3D filming.

39. By the way, there were not that many nude bodies on the playa this year due to cool days and pretty cold nights.


41. In the end I would like to show you two of my favorite photos from this series. After taking some shots I quietly came up to this couple and left them my card. And recently they wrote to us and asked for the photo. Turned out, this picture was taken an hour after their wedding ceremony.

42. And probably the best photo from this celebration of human beauty.

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