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Burning Man 2015

After a much needed layover at Burning Man 2015, we are back on the road for the final part of our road trip. Last week some of our Burning Man photos were featured at Fathom¬†Instagram blog and we are happy to post them here. These are just a few of what we captured at the event. We will publish more at the earliest convenience. If you are one of the people whose photo we took and you don’t see it here, but would like to have it, please send us a link to your FB account, so we can easily identify you and send you your photo.

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Day 119

One of the most beautiful lakes in America – Lake Tahoe, with water so clear that from pier you can easily see the lakebed.

To one of the most insensate states the most wooded capitol. Carson City, Nevada.

Alla is deeply satisfied with the purchase of a new helper – light, thin, slim and fast MacBook.