Burning Man 2015

After a much needed layover at Burning Man 2015, we are back on the road for the final part of our road trip. Last week some of our Burning Man photos were featured at Fathom Instagram blog and we are happy to post them here. These are just a few of what we captured at the event. We will publish more at the earliest convenience. If you are one of the people whose photo we took and you don’t see it here, but would like to have it, please send us a link to your FB account, so we can easily identify you and send you your photo.

1. Here’s one of the 70,000 happy burners at Mars Molecule Project.

2. Radical self-expression is one of the 10 principles of Burning Man. As co-founder Larry Harvey says, “It should be offered as a gift to others.”

3. Burning Man is about giving. This year we brought to playa wine and bourbon tastings, music and a few songs. Rus is playing a Russian lullaby to a couple getting their midday nap.

4. The suburbs of Black Rock City.

5. A lot of things that seem impossible in regular life become possible at Burning Man, such as this perfect barrel wave for all the wild playa surfers.

6. The Temple is a sacred place in Black Rock City. It’s an art project that became a memorial since 2000. The walls are covered with notes of love, forgiveness, eulogies and many other personal messages.

7. Mornings are best for riding your bike around the playa and exploring all the installations presented at Black Rock City. This one is the Tree of Transformation, a 20-foot interactive musical tree.

8. A darling citizen of a Black Rock City.

9. First there were swarms and inches-high mounds of bugs, then there were some serious dust storms. “Always be prepared when you come here. It’s called radical self-reliance”, as author John Curley says.

10. Fire show from one of the art cars.

11. The Burning of the Man, 2015.

12. The next morning, after the Man is burned, burners gather around the ashes to look for pieces of the structure. This year they cooked pancakes, bacon, sausages, and even roasted a pig and a lamb.

13. A group of burners striking a pose on the playa in front of their mutant car.

14. Mime at The Temple of Promise.

15. The Burning Man theme this year was Carnival of Mirrors. The Compound Eye/“I” art installation perfectly reflects it.

16. Burners walking in awe and complete silence towards the fire that consumed The Temple of Promise.

1 thought on “Burning Man 2015

  1. alex oakes

    wow, some great photos. BM was amazing, my first Burn, never experienced anything remotely like it.
    You took some photos of me and my girlfriend hurdling the trash fence on the last night (if i remember right, she had a bright red wig on). If possible would you be able to email them to me? as i dont have a facebook.
    Many thanks and best wishes, Alex



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