Week 23.1. Boston

On the first part of the twenty-third week of our tour we were in Boston, MA. Here are a few photos from our visit to this beautiful city.

At the end of September after Burning Man and a few weeks of catching up with work we were in Denver, Colorado. The obvious decision was to drive straight to the east coast, as we wanted to see the New England autumn, and then we would explore the states that we missed on our way back to the west coast.

2. The view of Cambridge. A little further in the center – Harvard, the MIT is in the front.

3. The New England Holocaust Memorial.

5. The Massachusetts capitol.

6. Boston Common.

7. The girl wrote: “Today I am in love with myself.”

8. A popular spot for selfies.



11. We’d live in Boston downtown only because of this park.

12. The invisible man was walking the streets of the city.

13. Working hard by the Old Boston City Hall.

14. It’s neat, cozy and proper town, but without fanaticism.


16. The famous glass stairway in the Boston Apple Store, by creation of which Steve Jobs was very proud.

17. The residential neighborhoods around downtown are absolutely beautiful.

18. The Back Bay.

19. The inner courts of the Beacon Hill.

20. The would be beautiful in any season.


22. Boston in the evening. This city is rated #1 in our chart of US most beautiful cities.
все подозрения своими номерами с противоположного берега страны, чемоданом на крыше,наклейками штатов на заднем стекле, гавайскими правами и улыбками.

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