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Week 23.1. Boston

On the first part of the twenty-third week of our tour we were in Boston, MA. Here are a few photos from our visit to this beautiful city.

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Day 163

One of the most famous student cities in the world Cambridge is beautiful in the autumn.

The illustration of average age of Cambridge residents is displayed in the queue for coffee.

The proud tourists at one of the most famous and respected universities in the country are posing by the John Harvard statue with a necessary touch of his left shoe. Ladies don’t have a clue that the unspoken tradition requires every self-respecting student to at least once pee on the statue. There are close to 6,500 university students.

Day 162

Despite the cold and the wind we more and more like the capital of the Massachusetts – Boston.

Indeed, he does. In fact, he is.

In Boston, like in Chicago, the old and new architecture collaborates organically.

Alla insists that she has a special relationship with Boston.

Day 161

The autumn at Boston Common park in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Bostonian is resting while working across the Boston City Hall.

The autumn Boston unexpectedly scootched over the summer Chicago from the first place in our chart of the visited cities.

Day 160

Harvard Metro Station in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Winnie’s home on the Harvard University territory.

The alternative to the classic benches in Harvard.

Day 159

After hitting the road for 2,000 miles, we have arrived in one of the oldest cities of the country – Boston, MA.