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Day 239

Alla is offering the only right solution to the hot and humid problem of Florida, St Augustine.

Ruslan is cooling off in the sentry box with draughty loopholes in Castillo de San Marcos fort.

Toshik is recovering from a firm kick in the back from Honda Accord.

Office workman delayed getting home because of the old habit.

Day 236

The contrail from the Delta 4 Heavy rocket with the NROL-37 spy satellite on board. Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

NASA Launch Control Center from which the Apollo flights to the moon were controlled from.

Alla is looking at the heat-resistant bottom of the Atlantis, the space shuttle that completed the 30-year Space Shuttle program.

Day 234

The tropical rain season came to Miami according to the schedule.

Alla in her office.

A classic illustration of the Florida coastal resort area in Fort Lauderdale.

Day 233

Perhaps, the only beach in Miami that doesn’t look like all the other.

Ruslan is on the search of a good shot in the Wynwood neighborhood, which is famous for its graffiti.

By the old Hawaiian habit, Alla couldn’t walk by the fresh and nutritious breakfast.

Toshik is stalking along the Florida.

Day 232

Ruslan is feeling nostalgic for Hawaii by the banyan-tree in the Cuban district of Miami, Florida.

Elderly Cubans are playing dominos in the Little Havana.

Miamians on the evening work out in the downtown of Miami.

Perhaps, the only good angle of Miami downtown.

Day 229

Toshik found the southernmost point of the continental USA in Key West, Florida.

Alla found a dress on which she could rest for a bit.

Ruslan found a Cuban cigar and waiter — a photobomb.

And all of us together finally found a restaurant in this country, where pop music is performed professionally (meaning, paid for) to backing track, and ungodly out of tune.

Day 228

The tropic thunder above the Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida.

Alla is looking for a kitty in the Everglades National Park.

A hot evening in the farming faubourgs on Miami.

Day 226

People are vacationing on the Clearwater Beach, Florida.

The bird is waiting for a treat in the Fort DeSoto Park.

The thunderstorm is approaching “The Sunshine City”. The official name, St Petersburg, the city got in honor of a northern capital of Russia. And unofficial — for the quantity of 361 sunny days in a year.

The Tampa Bay and its many islands, peninsulas, capes and spits.

Day 225

Toshik brought the expeditioners to Tampa.

Fantomas observed the non-resorty Florida.

Alla managed to fit the tower in the photo.

Ruslan made another selfie.

Day 220

Alla is happy, Alla is on Pensacola Beach, Florida.

A free country: I want and will live in a round hysterically laughing house.

Google was insisting that it brought us to the store. Only a tiny bit left to do to get to it: cross the street, climb over the fence and up the hill, run across the six-lane freeway, climb over another hill and fence and voila! And the same way back, only with a cart, and then back again to return the cart. Apple found the right directions, but led us intricate devious path that included three U-turns. But hey, these are the richest companies on the planet, so…