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Day 217

For the first time in seven years I gave money to a homeless person.

Tanya is studying the main entrance of a deli that was voted the Best Place in New Orleans for their sandwiches.

Day 216

Ruslan and Tanya pedal the streets of New Orleans to a music festival Bayou Boogaloo.

A natural reaction of African-American kids to a groovy rhythm.

The locals took the most comfortable seats in the river parquet circle.

Day 215

Breakfast in one of many New Orleans restaurants.

New Orleans Jazz on the streets of the city of Jazz.

Ruslan and Tanya are exploring the streets of French Quarter.

The night life of New Orleans, the most original and eccentric city in the USA.

Day 214

Tanya knows when it is best to join the expedition. This time we are receiving her in New Orleans.

We are continuing celebrating Ruslan’s birthday in the French Quarter.

A noble occupation of a Torcedor in thirty seconds.

Day 212

The expedition made its way to the great Amercan swamps — to the warm and humid Louisiana.

Tosha is watching the unseen beast crossing his path.

Louisiana is the state of not only endless swamps, but also of sky smoking plants and factories.