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Day 210

The ascent of an Indian woman in the Water Gardens Park in Fort Worth, Texas.

An elderly duet is performing a Johnny Cash song in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

A romantic dinner.

Ruslan managed to find an instrument (inside the Fort Worth train station building) so that, by a tradition that originated in his childhood, he could play and sing a children birthday song (from a Russian cartoon).

Day 208

A Mexican wedding in the Pioneer Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

Siesta in the bohemian Deep Ellum.

A few girls walked by.

Alla is resting with the view of Dallas downtown on the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.

Day 202

One of the hot Austin’s residents’ favorite chill places, a natural Barton Springs Pool.

Zilker Park at the juncture of Barton Creek and the Colorado River. Austin, Texas.

The evening colors in the largest megapolis in Texas, Houston.

Day 201

Alla in the front yard of the 19th century historic homestead in the neighborhood named after Prussian king, William I. San Antonio, Texas.

The bright colors of the south on the 35th highway between San Antonio and Austin.

A warm May evening in the capital of Texas.

Day 200

Alla in the “venetian” downtown of the candidate for the third place in our Best US Cities chart, San Antonio, Texas.

The Cathedral of San Fernando has offered perfect conditions for polishing off backlighting photographic skills.

Ruslan and Alla’s little anniversary — 200th day on the road.

Day 199

Tosha is performing his main duty — off-roading in the Big Bend National Park, Texas.

Ruslan is testing the water in the hot spring on the Rio Grande river, the natural border between the US and Mexico.

A bridge over the Pecos river on the Hwy 90 on the way to San Antonio, Texas.

Day 198

Store-art-installation with genuine Prada products in the middle of high-altitude Chihuahuan Desert in Texas.

Toshik is preparing to retake the test for cooling off his passengers in the heat, by recharging with chlorofluorocarbon in the city of Marfa, Texas.

Alla is setting up for overnight stay in Big Bend National Park, Texas.

Day 197

Southern colour with a Mexican bias in the city of El Paso, Texas.

Alla and Toshik are observing the residential subdivisions of a Mexican city Ciudad Juarez.

The symbiosis of two cultures: from American — an austere horizontal gravestones and a neat grass, from Mexican — scary looking faded artificial flowers and crooked crosses.