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Day 183

The horsey in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

An astonishing monument to those who served in the Korean War.

Protesters by the northern facade of the White House.

Week 23.1. Boston

On the first part of the twenty-third week of our tour we were in Boston, MA. Here are a few photos from our visit to this beautiful city.

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Day 181

The main cemetery of the country in the city of Arlington, Virginia.

Alla is studying the types of the nation’s highest medals for bravery – The Medals of Honor, presented by US Navy, US Army and US Air Force.

Day 180

The doggy with sad eyes is earning its daily bread by guarding the residence of the President of the USA, Washington DC.

A very decent and tidy subway lays underneath the city of Washington.

Day 179

The morning of 179th day of our tour is beginning with the Russian rusks, kefir and a newspaper. Ruslan, on the tip from Alla, has joined the rest of the men in No-shave November initiation to grow a mustache (usually hating it with all of this might).

“Baltimore – the greatest city in America”, said no one except the Baltimore benches.

The City where Edgar Poe lived, married and died. Baltimore, Maryland.

This is what every person, who comes for a confession in the oldest catholic cathedral in the country, sees.

Day 178

In pursuit of the fading autumn we are moving south through the states of New Jersey and Delaware towards the capital of our country – Washington.

In the old capitol of the state of Delaware in Dover.

A perfect illustration of how easy it could be to improve and liven up an ordinary shot with the help of beautiful lopsided posts, graceful wires and highly artistic advertising signs.

Day 177

The whole Brighton Beach in three photos: the main street…

…the place for strolls…

…nationality, age, fashion, the face expression and spare time.

Day 176

The moorage of Jersey City that served its time. New Jersey.

The opposite side of Freedom.

Fishing with great scenery.

Day 171

The largest marathon in the world has swept through the streets of New York City.

In hopes for a freeload and using the international gesture, amigo expressed a wish to get money from us for this photograph. The insistent request has been declined because, “Currently you are not at work.”

The leader in our list of places, where we would never want to go back, has changed. It is no longer the Atlantic City, but the 911 Memorial.

Day 170

The baker demonstrates the authenticity of the Italian stove in one of the oldest and best known pizzerias in the US. New Haven, Connecticut.

Our version of celebrating Halloween.